KRT: The Little People

This. We often need reminders to speak our own truths, and respectfully, at least if we want others to hear us. It’s certainly not just true for Kemeticism, but for all the scattered polytheisms around Paganism’s big tent.

The Twisted Rope

This week’s topic is: You Don’t Have to be a “Big-Name Pagan” to be a Trend-Setter and Enact Greater Change in the Kemetic community.

I’ve always been a firm believer that little things add up. A common discussion I have with people about little things adding up relates to the dollar charity donations you make at the grocery store. To illustrate the point (politics aside), I always ask people- how valuable is a dollar? Most people don’t think a dollar does anything. But when you consider the dollar charities at stores and how many people traipse through those stores every day- imagine how much that single dollar adds up.

Think about it- if you and everyone in a major metropolitan area (let’s go with a nice round number of a million people) donated just one dollar per month (so $12/year) to a charity- that could easily be $12 million in…

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