Memory Keeper

“Here,” she said, her hand smoothing
the faded fabric. “Some admire
the perfect regularity of patchwork repeats—
log cabins, bridal rings, flying geese—
or the complex covers, Star of Jerusalem, for example,
but this is the quilt I love.”
The cloth was worn, the colors
did not match, the needlework was crude.
“Each piece tells a story—here, the marriage vows—“
rings entwined like knot work, tied with flowers,
“and here a newborn child—“
a tiny foot traced in uneven stitches
“and here—ah, here, the one they lost. Every stitch
is a memory, hand and heart united in tracing shapes,
and rough-stitched dates that stretch over decades.
And here, do you see the stains? This
is no showpiece. It was used.”


One comment on “Memory Keeper

  1. I do not quilt, but have friends who do; I often consider making a crazy quilt duvet cover. Because I am one of those anti-showpiece, “use it” sorts….I keep the memories close at hand, thanks.

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