Prayer to the Third Queen

O Etan who sings the heart of Ogma,
who carried the first Cairpre under her heart,
O poet-daughter of the swift-cutting healer,
Bless us with your sweet tongue,
Bless us with your clear vision,
Bless us with the gift of your presence.
May we, like the poets of old, recall what was once forgotten,
Praise what is beautiful and true,
Speak truth to both evil and good.
A blessing of blessings upon you,
O lady of the red yew,
A blessing of blessings.


Prayer to the Second Queen

O Mardöll, a blessing on our journeys
May our feet find their way as light on the waves
O Gefn, a blessing on our dreams
May they show us the gifts we are given
O Gulveig, a blessing on our struggles
May we return from them stronger than before
O bright lady, golden flame,
May we remember your names.