Why blog?

This wasn’t meant to be a blog of poetry. I started this to push myself to put into words, and maybe even share, some of my experiences as a Gaelic polytheist. But poems are easier than prose, so far.

Why do this? Because I don’t find my experience well represented by what I see out in the blogosphere and maybe someone might find a little inspiration here. Because I might just manage to clarify my thoughts by writing them in words meant to be seen, or even, if I’m lucky, through conversation.

We’ll see. I’m a devotional Gaelic polytheist. I work with spirits, mainly of the daoine sith, but nature spirits and ancestors as well. I don’t count myself a spirit worker or priest because I’m solitary with no community to work for. My poetry is mainly devotional work for my gods and my companions.

Hopefully this won’t be the only reflection that’s ever posted, but if nothing else, the poems are out here where they might be found.